Make A Reservation!

We are proud to announce The A&P Social has received the Award Of Excellence from the renowned Wine Spectator. We cannot begin to tell you how excited we are for this recognition. Come enjoy a glass or bottle with us and explore our approachable and innovative Wine List. Cheers!


The A&P Social lives on the site of an old A&P Grocery Store. It was a neighborhood store, a place where people went to find quality produce, meat, and baked goods for themselves and their families. Today, The A&P Social honors this past with a restaurant serving the same neighborhood with the same focus on quality, service, and seasonal food.

The A&P Social takes inspiration from the South, updating timeless classics like pimento cheese, raw oysters, and  fried chicken. We look to our Gulf Coast - to Alabama fishermen - to source shrimp, oysters, snapper, tuna, and grouper. The A&P Social looks to the Black Belt - to Southern farmers - for the freshest, highest-quality beef, pork, chicken and seasonal vegetables like heirloom tomatoes, okra, peaches and squash. We also look to the classic culinary influencers - to French and Mediterranean cuisines - to combine comfort with seasonal ingredients.

It’s a place where you can celebrate a special occasion or grab a cocktail on a Tuesday with friends. Comfortable yet innovative food with flavor and Southern charm. Pull up a seat.